Prior experience required:

Hold RYA powerboat level 2

It is advised that the following will greatly assist a helmsman on this course

  • Hold RYA VHF/SRC certificate
  • Attend a RYA day skipper course

Minimum age: Age 17 or over

Duration: 2 days

Number of students: 3:1

The course is presented at our office based in Langebaan, Club Mykonos

Who is it for?
This course is for all deck hands that are wishing to drive the ships tenders during the day and night

Why has this course been created?
The industry and marine agencies have found the PB2 on its own to be lacking in some areas. These areas include docking, marina etiquette, higher speed boat handling skills and night navigation

Some of problems include:

  • Accidents due to helmsman errors
  • High speed turns resulting in passengers being flipped out of the boat
  • Getting lost and unable to find their Yacht
  • Poor driving skills causing passengers to get wet or hurt
  • Damaged boats due to poor marina/docking skills

Course Content:

The course is 2 days of boating by day and one night passage. The majority of the course is on the boat teaching and practice.

The course content is designed to enhance the PB2 student with the skills to helm a powerboat in various conditions ensuring a higher degree of knowledge and skill so that passengers are moved around in safety, comfort and due regard to their needs.

Some of the key points include

  • Docking
  • Marina etiquette
  • Passenger safety and comfort
  • Detailed use of the plotter and depth sounder
  • Higher speed turns and trim and tilt
  • Deeper understanding of helmsman’s responsibilities
  • Importance of receiving and understanding the Yachts Operating procedures
  • Communication Procedures with Yacht


Detailed syllabus

(Source: Royal Yachting Association Syllabus PWCP)

Qualification obtained:

RYA Tender Operators Photo ID Certificate


The course is presented throughout the year. Please contact us for course dates. If you have a group booking (4 or more people) we will try our best to accommodate you on your dates.


Each student receives the following which is yours to keep after the course:

  • RYA Powerboat Logbook
  • Complimentary Atlantic Yachting Cap

Our training includes the following:

  • Power Point Presentations
  • Training manuals (yours to keep)
  • Stationary (on loan)


Excluded, however coffee, tea, sugar and milk are supplied during the day.


Please contact us for our prices as well as current specials. If you make a group booking (4 or more people), you qualify for a group discount.

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