RYA Radar Detailed Syllabus

The course content is as follows:

  1. Basic understanding of radar wave propagation
    • Conditions giving rise to abnormal propagation
  1. Radar set components
  • Function and correct use of controls
  • Correct setting up procedure
  1. Target definition and discrimination
  • Spot size, pulse length and beam width
  • Target characteristics, size, shape and material
  • False echoes
  • Shadow sectors, shadow diagram
  1. Radar reflectors
  • Passive and active
  1. Types of radar display
  • Azimuth stabilization
  1. Radar plotting
  • The use of radar to avoid a close quarter situation
  • Appreciation of IRPCS, action to be taken in reduced visibility
  • General precautions and action to be taken in fog
  1. Use of radar as an aid to navigation
  • Radar-conspicuous targets, need for positive identification
  • Parallel indexing (if provided)
  1. Accuracy in range and bearing
  • PPI distortion. Non-linearity
  • Heading marker alignment
  • Checking accuracy of VRM, EBL, etc.
  1. General safety precautions in using equipment

(Source: Royal Yachting Association Syllabus and Logbook G15/10)

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