PADI Open Water Scuba Diver – Super Yacht Package

Prior experience required: None

Minimum age: 16

Duration: 4 days

Number of students: 6:1

The course is presented in Muizenburg, Cape Town.

Diving in the super yacht industry has gone through a big revival in the last couple of years. We are seeing more and more jobs looking for deckhands with a Padi Dive Instructor qualification. Even if the guests don’t want to dive, every boat carriers dive gear for hull inspections and maintenance/cleaning, removal of lines from props/stabilisers etc
While working in the super yacht industry, your will have the opportunity to dive in some of the most exquisite locations in the world. Close to every marina or harbour in the world is a dive shop and it is a wonderful pass time instead of hitting the bars when ashore! By diving every chance you get, you can also start accumulating logged dives and complete courses towards becoming an experienced Instructor.

Who is it for?

Any person looking for work within the super yacht industry will benefit from having these qualifications on their cv. This course will also be valuable to anyone who has an interest in recreational scuba diving and would like to explore the underwater world. For already qualified scuba divers, we can offer courses to further their qualifications and experience.

Ability after course

The student will be qualified to scuba dive to 18m as well have some experience in boat diving, basic gear maintenance and compressor use as well as training in providing emergency oxygen to a patient.


PADI Open Water Diver – certified to dive to 18m

Course consists of the following:
Theory – 5 knowledge develop sessions done by DVD and self study followed by 5 knowledge reviews, a quiz and an exam
5 confined water or pool session to develop the necessary skills underwater
4 open water dives to reinforce and practise the skills learnt about in the sea.

PADI Boat Diving Speciality Course – to provide a better understanding and experience of boat diving as most of the diving done in the Super Yacht Industry is from the boat

Speciality consists of:
2 knowledge development through self study and DVD following by knowledge reviews
2 Boat Dives

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider – every dive boat carries O2 as it is used to treat most diving related injuries/illness. Overseas you need to be qualified to be able to provide O2 to a patient. This course, coupled with the Boat Diving Speciality and RYA Power Boat Level 2 will make the student well qualified to provide surface support to divers.

Speciality Consists of:
Self Study session and knowledge review
Skills development session

Basic Gear Maintenance and Compressor Use – every large yacht carries a compressor both for diving as well as filling Breathing Apparatus cylinders for fire fighting, so experience in the use of compressors would be good on the students CV’s.
Session will cover general care and cleaning for all diving equipment, basic repairs and maintenance.
Safe filling of compressed air cylinders and use of compressors.


Day 1

  • Confined Water sessions 1&2
  • Open Water Dive 1
  • O2 Provider

Day 2

  • Confined Water sessions 3-5
  • Open Water Dive 2
  • Basic Gear Maintenance & Compressor Use…etc.

Day 3

  • Open Water Dives 3 & 4
  • OW Exam

Day 4

  • Boat Diver Specialty – 2 Boat Dives

Course dates

The course is presented throughout the year.  Please contact us for course dates. If you have a group booking (4 or more people) we will try our best to accommodate you on your dates.

Course material

Each student receives the following which is yours to keep after the course:

  • PADI Ultimate Open Water Crewpak – includes Open Water Diver manual, DVD, eRDPML, Logbook and PADI decal and brochures
  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider crewpak – includes student manual and “Care at a Glance” reference card
  • PADI Boat Diver pack – includes manual

Course fees include all tuition, gear hire and cylinder refills


Below please find our suggested package and programme for after the career course. This option is for divers who have not dived before. It includes the following certification:

Course fees

Please contact us for prices as well as current specials.

What to bring along

Swimming costume and towel


Is for your own account.  Please make your own arrangements.

We can assist students with transport from the dive centre to the dive sites and back to the centre.



Accommodation for students is available next to the dive shop in Muizenberg:
Stoked Backpackers –
Accommodation costs are for your own account


Food is for your own account

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